Yen's Pet Sitting & Grooming

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Yen's Pet Sitting and Grooming. My name is Yen and my pet sitting company provides a "home like environment", safety and love to your pet.

Choosing a pet sitter can be very personal as you are allowing a stranger to make decisions on behalf of your pet. Some pet sitting companies hire many people, so you never know who will be caring for your pet. I take pride in the fact that my clients know me as their personal pet sitter and trust me completely. 

             I have further my education in the pet industry and have pretty much mastered "the art of pet sitting". I offer overnight stays, dog walking services, cat sitting, pet sitting for birds, bunnies and turtles, and dog grooming!

Why Me?

  • 1- I provide Top Paw Services!

2- I am fluent in both Woof and Meow!                 

3- 24/7 supervision and keeping your dogs routine as much as possible.

4- They will suffer no trauma from loud and not so friendly pet kennels.             5- They can enjoy the comfort of their home or mine. 

6- In case of an emergency I will take your pet to your vet/or mine.       

7- I will be the only person attending to your pet's needs. They will be pampered as they were on their own vacation.                          

8- I am Certified Professional Pet Sitter through NAPPS, which means i have obtained a higher level of knowledge through further pet education..         

9- Caring for your pet is what I love to do!

10- Outdoor access 

My Services

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Dog Walking


My girls- Sally 10, Sage 3, Sasha 6.